The name originates from Navedan, a Garibaldi official who, after being wounded in the battle of San Fermo in 1859, decided to retire to private life and work in his water mill with an attached tavern: over time the inhabitants have created the catch phrase “Let’s go to the Navedan”, referring to the ancient mill.

Since 1896, it is in the hands of the skilful and passionate Casartelli family: starting with Vittorio and Chiara and then, with Giuliano and his wife Lella up to the current management, with the fifth generation.

Over the years, thanks to the skilful renovations, Lella and Giuliano have transformed the watermill with trattoria into the refined restaurant, a destination that aims to offer a sophisticated cuisine that is particularly attentive to the quality of the raw material in a charming environment. At Navedano, the realization of each project is shared by our young and enthusiastic staff, as they embrace the philosophy that guides us in everyday life.




Our passion reveals the enchantment of the discovery of the world that surrounds us with the respect, the attention, the sustainability and with the memory. We find our essence in the forms that nature offers us: on the mountains, in the seas, on the hills and in the earth. It takes only four simple words to describe us. This is what you will find in our cuisine, this is what dictates the choices we make when we buy, grow, collect and transform the products we serve.








In the green oasis of Cosia, a few minutes from the center of Como, in a hidden and striking place, rises the Navedano, managed with wisdom and discretion by the fifth generation of the Casartelli family.
Fresh flowers are the undisputed protagonists of our reality: in the large terrace, in the shade of the great plane tree, in the typical lake boat the “Lucia”, which welcomes guests at the entrance, in the giant Apulian jars that adorn the rooms, on every single table and, last but not least, in the dishes.
The raw material is the main ingredient of a menu created respecting tradition and our identity, built day after day.
Our choices are guided by the principle of sustainability, seasonality is an essential element and this is how we preserve the environment that surrounds us.
The garden, for us is the way to take care of our land, from here come the aromatic herbs, the sprouts, the vegetables and the flowers that make our kitchen unique.



The wine list boasts many labels, representing the Italian and foreign producers that reflect our idea of ​​food and wine pairing, with particular attention to native vines, terroirs and winemakers. A small selection of artisanal beers has been designed to match the dishes on the menu. As for the spirits, carte offers the most traditional range of liqueurs, from the Portos to Calvados, from the Bas Armagnac to the grappa.

lunch 12:00 - 14:00

Monday to Sunday (closed Tuesday and Wednesday)

dinner 19:00 - 22:00

Monday to Sunday (closed Tuesday)

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Giuseppe Velzi street 4, 22100 Como
12:00 am - 2:00 pm
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Tuesday (lunch and dinner)
Wednesday (lunch)

Via Giuseppe Velzi 4, 22100 Como / P.Iva 00241180132 / Copyright 2019 BSO Group

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